5 Reasons Why You Should Get Lash Extensions

Long, thick and full eyelashes are desired by many women and often seen on the pages of many beauty magazines. Unfortunately, we are not all genetically blessed with perfect lashes, and although it might seem hard to believe, many models and celebrities also belong in this category. You might wonder “how come these beautiful people seemingly have perfect lashes?”  The answer – Eyelash Extensions by Lavish Lashes®! By attaching synthetic hairs to your individual natural eyelashes with a special adhesive, you can get fabulous looking eyes that will make you stand out in a crowd.  Lash extensions applied by a Certified Lavish Lash technician, can be costly, and although some lash stylists offer lash extensions dirt cheap, you get what you pay for. Not to worry, after making this investment in yourself, the many benefits will quickly remind you why you did it. Need convincing? Just read the top 5 reasons to get eyelash extensions below!

You will look and feel better, especially now that you can stop envying the models and celebrities in magazines. Eyelash extensions instantly dramatically enhance your eyes. They will look bigger, brighter and more youthful, and the lashes will also bring out the color of your eyes. The compliments will start pouring in, and your confidence will increase. When you look good, you feel good!

  1. You can still do everything you did before. Lavish Lash extensions look natural and are weightless; you will most likely forget that you are wearing them. After the first 48 hours, you can go about your business as normal. You can even swim and shower with the lashes.
  2. You will have time to spare. No more rushing in the morning to put on your makeup and get out the door. You can sleep in a little longer, because Lavish Lash extensions naturally frame and emphasize your eyes, so curling your lashes and applying eye makeup is really not necessary anymore. Also, you don’t have to bother taking off eye makeup once the day is done.
  3. You can save money. Since eyelash extensions look good on their own, you don’t have to buy tubes of mascara to bring out your lashes. The days of layering mascara, and potentially risking smudges and raccoon eyes, are over. You can save the money and get yourself another treat; LavishBrow™ extensions maybe?    
  4. You can easily maintain the look. Initially getting lash extensions can take up to 2 hours, depending on the skill of your lash technician. After this, all you have to do is maintain the look by getting touch-ups, or so-called fills, every 2 to 3 weeks. In addition to being less expensive, fills are less time-consuming; in about 30 minutes, you will leave the salon knowing that your lashes look as fabulous as you feel.
Lash Extensions

As you can see, lash extensions have many advantages. Unfortunately, there is also one big disadvantage that you should consider. Lash extensions are addictive (in a good way)! Once you get the lashes, you won’t want anything different. When the lashes are removed, you will miss the beautiful accent they gave your eyes.  Fortunately, you won’t have to do without for long; a quick call to Be-YOU-tiful Sol Salon & Med Spa can have you lashed up in no time.

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When Should You Cut Your Hair?

Long Hair Cut


How Often Should You Get Your Hair Cut?


Lots of us have heard that we should go every Six to Eight weeks, but one rule can't possibly apply to all hair Textures and Lengths. Here's how to know when it's really time for a trim.


If You Have Tight, Coarse Curls

12 weeks

"For curlier or kinkier textures, the general rule of thumb is quarterly haircuts, That's about the time it takes to get single-strand knots or split ends. If you want to preserve or grow out your length, ask your hairstylist to remove a quarter inch or less at each visit—that will ensure there's always more growth than the amount you're cutting.

If You Have Virgin Hair

12 weeks

Unprocessed hair is basically the healthiest it will ever be. If your hair has never been colored and you haven't yet exposed it to the rigors of frequent hot-tool usage, you can go up to three months between trims without any risk of looking frayed.

If You Have Long Hair That's Wavy Or Straight

8 to 12 weeks

If you treat your long, uniform-length hair like your skin—moisturize with masks, minimize heat damage—you can wait eight to twelve weeks until your next cut. The style doesn't have a specific shape that requires frequent maintenance, and if it's properly cared for, your hair shouldn't split or break too quickly.

If You Have Fine Or Medium Curls

8 to 12 weeks

Women with curls tend to be vigilant about keeping their hair hydrated, it's usually healthy. Two or three months is a safe break between cuts. Those with spirals on the finer side should keep the rotation closer to eight weeks, though. Too much length can make thin curls look stringy and stretched.

If You Have Long Layers

6 to 8 weeks

Ironically, this is the only category hairstylists actually suggest for the prevailing six- to eight-week rule. It's long enough to let your hair grow for length and short enough to keep face-framing pieces in place.

If You Have a Bob Or Lob

6 weeks

Clean, sharp lines grow out nicely, so geometric or A-line bobs without any nape graduation can go six weeks. These cuts also don't tend to have layers in the crown that will lose their fullness.

If You Have Fine Hair That's Wavy Or Straight

4 to 6 weeks

Fine hair can be a pain. You can go weeks with it looking pretty swell, and then you wake up one morning and it's a sad, limp head of meh. "The challenge with fine hair is the need to constantly reshape it without cutting too much off.

If You Have Short Hair

4 weeks

disconnected undercut Pixie-whatever you've got, growth will start to dilute the style, so it needs a trim every four weeks. That may seem like a big salon commitment, but a monthly appointment is usually easier to schedule and plan for than in-between timing, like six or ten weeks.

If You Have Damaged Hair

4 weeks

The bad news is there's no way to undo damage from chemical processing, coloring, or heat styling. The good news is regular monthly cuts will gradually phase out the busted hair while still allowing enough time for healthy roots to grow in.


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Split End Prevention

Are you struggling with Split Ends?  If your trying to grow out your hair, you need to keep your locks as healthy as possible. Here are some tips to keep your hair healthy, & strong! 



Preventative Maintenance:

Get Regular Trims

The best way to avoid split ends in the first place is to get your hair trimmed on a regular basis. Leave these trims to a professional. Your kitchen scissors are not meant for cutting hair. The dull blades can actually fray your hair more on the ends. Your stylist will be able to help you achieve the amount of time between each trim to keep your hair healthy. The more you stay on a schedule like this the less amount of hair your stylist will need to take off.


Beat The Heat

To much heat styling can cause major breakage and split ends. This doesn't mean you have to quit heat styling completely it just means you need to take the correct steps when using heat on your hair. Let your hair air dry whenever possible. Limit your curling and flat iron use to a few times a week. I recommend using a thermal guard/ heat protectant spray before you blow dry. We love Melu Hair Shield By Davines. Oi Oil is great to apply on the ends of damp hair before blow drying if you will be curling or flat ironing your hair. Also using to much hot water on your hair can strip hair of it's moisture. Try to rinse your hair in cool water to seal your hair cuticle if you can stand it! Try Minu-Hair serum By Davines its a great Colour enhancing serum.


Moisturizing Masks

Treating your hair to a deep conditioning, repair or protien mask once a week is a must to maintain healthy hair! This will help improve your hairs strength, softness, and over all shine. Two of our favorites are  NouNou- great for highly processed or brittle hair and Minu- great for keeping coloured hair replenished and healthy Both By Davies


Shampoo & Condition The Right Way

There is a correct way to shampoo & condition your hair. When it comes to shampooing be sure you are focusing on the roots of your hair & scalp. As for the conditioner you want to slather this onto the ends of your hair. They need it the most! Try not to put to much conditioner towards root area if your hair tends to feel dirty or gets greasy fast.  


Always Comb

Use a wide tooth comb & Wet Brushes when your hair is wet to detangle. Your hair is more susceptible to breakage when it is wet. So stay away from brushes that have a tendency to pull your hair. Use leave-in conditioners.


Stylist Choice Favorite Split End Treatment




  • It’s the only in-salon service that instantly mends and prevents split ends while also preventing future splits to occur.
  • Lasts up to 4 weeks.
  • Perfect for prolonging the shape of your precision cut.
  • The end result is instantly repaired, stronger, healthier ends protected against future breakage.



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Balayage or Ombre?

By now you have probably heard the hair color terms Balayage and Ombre.  These color techniques are all the rage right now and rightfully so!  The results are amazing, but which style is right for you?  We will lay out the details on the process and help you decide what will take your color to the next level!

One of the main reasons these two styles have been so popular is not only because the most popular celebrities are sporting the look on the red carpet and big screen, but the unique process in how it is applied to the hair versus traditional coloring.  With Balayage you are left with a very natural look with a touch of sun that will add to a magnificent glow.  On the other hand, if your looking for a more edgy, vivacious look, Ombre may be the choice for you!  Ombre starts shadowy at the scalp and fades into a lighter color all the way down to the ends of your hair.  Giving the tips a sun-kissed type of tone.

Balayage is the French word meaning to sweep or to paint.  This is exactly how your color specialist will apply Balayage to your hair.  The process has been around since the 70's, but has been becoming very popular at a rapid pace.  To break it down for you a little more let's take a look at a list of reasons of what makes the style so widespread and desirable.

  1. Balayage is hair coloring in its truest form.
  2. Less is more. The Stylist doesn't have to do hundreds of pieces like with other processes.
  3. Balayage is not just for blondes.  It is considered a technique, so it can be applied to your specific hair color.

Pro Tip:  When picking out your color with your stylist, take into consideration the color of accessories you usually wear.  With the right shades of Balayage applied to your hair, this could really bring out the best in your whole ensamble!


Ombre describes the gradual blending of one color hue to another, usually moving tints and shades from light to dark.  This one is definitely for those looking to spice up their style!  On the contrast of Balayage, Ombre will start off dark from the roots and flow into a lighter shade and has also been known to need more maintenance than Balayage.  Even though Ombre is know to be a little more edgy, it still has a fine elegant touch.  Sometimes a new hairstyle is all we need to spark that special something that lives inside all of us.  Let our professionals bring that spark out for you!  Here is a list of benefits for you to check out before you indulge into Ombre hair.

  1. Ombre is very trendy.  Many top celebrities are going with the Ombre style and its not going away anytime soon!
  2. Enables you to make striking change without the risk of damaging the roots and scalp of your hair.
  3. Shades of Ombre are very dexterous.  You can be as creative as you please.


Both Balayage and Ombre can be used in so many different ways, the avenues you can take are endless.  The main thing we suggest is to inform your stylist about the ideas you have for your new hairdo.

Now that you are full of knowledge regarding these latest trends, call us to set up an appointment today.  Remember consultations are always free!

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